A warm welcome to my Excel-in-Finance Homepage!

May I introduce myself? I am Thorsten Wingenroth, 32 years old and working as fixed income portfolio manager for a car manufacturer in Germany. In this job - and during my studies and phd-time before - I do (and did) a lot of Excel programming in the finance and statistics area. Excel has so many capabilities for a finance professional that you can build complex analysis in just a few minutes - things you would have spent days on before. However, often you need to know the small trick, just the one for this special problem. Unfortunately, until now there was no web site exclusively dedicated to Excel in Finance. This site is going to change it. It will grow as time passes and ideas, Excel sheets, articles from your side are very welcome. One caveat - my first son was born on the 1st of December 2004. He and my wife have priority over this site, so do not expect miracles regarding its advances. The site will grow slowly, but steadily.

But that's only half of the story. During my phd-time I dreamed of a site that would offer finance literature, organized by topic, linked to each other, commented, ready for download, ready for use in Latex... This site will let my dream come true. Although you'll find only a few articles currently displayed, the technical foundations are already laid. All the documents you see are stored in a MySQL-database ready to grow and to be enhanced using PHP. Check this site regularly. It is my clear goal to make this site the number one for finance literature.


P.S.: Do not hesitate to contact me: thorsten@excel-in-finance.de

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